How To Ensure Motivational-Speaker-Success

  • Motivation
  • September 27, 2018
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How do you know that you are selecting the right motivational speaker for your organization? There are basic things that serve as effective predictors for motivational-speaker-success. The speaker must demonstrate that he is trustworthy, sincere and credible. He is only effective if his audience sees that he is compelled to inspire his audience towards certain […]

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Innovations from TaylorMade: Drivers

  • Shopping
  • October 25, 2017
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Taylormade golf made its name when they introduced the metalwood. While most people saw it as nothing more than a novelty, Gary Adams, along with a host of other professional golfers, saw it in an entirely different way: his invention would revolutionize how golf clubs were made. Drivers, in particular, would see the most improvement […]

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All About Lanyards That Everyone Should Know

It is funny how a piece of rope cord, string, or cloth can evolve into one of the simplest, yet, greatest human inventions. Well, the lanyard probably is not up there along with the other brilliant human creations, like the TV set, radio, mobile phone, cars, airplanes and computers. It is simple, but it does […]

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